Why you need me?


I have over 15 years’ experience in producing a wide range of award winning projects. I deliver design that is effective and practical for a variety of clients across both private and public sectors. I specialize in brand identity, signage, print and digital design, and corporate communication.

Picture this – It’s late, the deadline is hours away, everyone has gone home or is looking at their watches. This is when I shine. When most people start panicking, I thrive; when the pressure is on, I produce, and this is why you want me on your team. I’m the guy that does not stop to ask about overtime, but wants to get the job done. My energy, enthusiasm, and ability to cope under stress are what set me apart from other designers.



I have created a formidable portfolio of work in design for print and digital. Most of my brand work contains roll out design for digital and print – brochures, corporate communications and reporting, and any other brand collateral. I do love the smell of fresh ink on paper – everyone loves retro, let’s not forget.