Why you need me

I have over 20 years’ experience in producing a wide range of award winning projects. I specialize in front-end web development, brand identity, signage, print and digital design, and corporate communication.

In a field where adaptability and growth are just as important as expertise, my skill set continues to expand. Working with design agencies in the US, Europe, South Africa, and Asia, I have found a niche in my ability to adapt to a variety of roles and bring ideas to life. This tenacity for growth extends to my professional experience, allowing me to speak “design” and “development”.

“You will come to find, as we did, that Kevin has not only experience, but actual competence in more than software. His skill in graphic design has made him an incredibly thorough front-end developer with a rare ability to take an idea from whileboard, to visual prototype, to production development.”
– Josh Wood, Cofounder and Creative Director at Polar Notion

“Today, I have a deep conviction that Kevin has a thriving career ahead as a User Interface Developer. Not only has he been able to convert wireframes to thoughtful designs, but can confidently bring the designs to life.”
– Morgan Lopes, Cofounder and CEO at Polar Notion 


I have created a formidable portfolio of work in design for print and web – brochure sites, web and mobile apps, brochures, corporate communications and reporting, and any other brand collateral.